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  1. [RP] Feyrist Silencers Underground

    Another fresh spawn from the new Tibia update, with absolutely great profit! With this one you can bot two characters at once, get it before it's too late! Vocation: Paladin Tester: 177 Royal Paladin | 240 Royal Paladin Recommended Level: 180+ Difficulty: Medium Exp/h: 250 to 400k/h Gold/h: 80 to 250k/h Troubled Animals Quest Code: - + General Info HUD & others not listed! Hotkey Spell F1 Exura gran san F2 Strong Mana Potion F3 Exori san F4 Exura san F5 Exura F6 - F7 - F8 Great Spirit Potion F9 Exori con F10 Exevo mas san F11 Utevo gran res sac F12 Utura gran Soon. The monsters above are only at spawn, monsters on the way/raid monsters are not included. Soon DOWNLOAD HERE
  2. Tibia Coins: 150 TC Real Cash: 5 USD Vocation: ALL Level: 100+ Script Mode: Easy Potions: Mana Potion Health Potion Healing Spells: Exura (paladin & mages) Exura Vita (mages) Exura Gran (mages) Exura San (paladin) Exura Ico (knight) DOWNLOAD HERE:
  3. minotaurs new

    anyone have this?