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Casino Gambling Script

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Nome do Arquivo: Casino Gambling Script

Autor: mikekhaan

Arquivo enviado: 05 Abr 2016

Categoria: Script


Casino Gambling Script




Tibia Cash: 12 000k(12kk) / 1200 TC
USD: 45 $
PLN: 140 zł

SJLBPzC.jpg L1lvuEU.jpgmOtHZyc.jpgL1lvuEU.jpgBK0SZwm.jpg



Full afk Casino Script with advanced configuration and many features.Works in Thais and Yalahar Depots. It haves also 3 modes:

1.Fair Play: We are playing with our basic configuration (look at screens below). "Always win if better higher than" is off in this mode - recommended for fair players.

2.I never lose!: We are playing with our configuration but it NOT allow to lose bet if our profit is less than 0. It works really nice with 40% chances for win + "always win if bet higher than" setted on 100k. My favourite configuration for Yalahar Dicing.

3. Sneaky Mode: Something special, works really nice in Thais (because of lower bets).It works only in H/L and ODD/EVEN Games. When we set this mode there are only 3 options for minimum bet. 1k,5k and 10k. The point is: chances for the win(for players) depends on their bets. As higher bets they do then have less chance for the win. For example: if we are playing on "1k Sneaky Mode", and the bet is 1k - player have 60% chance for win, if bet is 5k there is only 45% for the win, if bet is 60k there is only 25% for the win etc etc... Look at table for exact chances -> bet amounts.


WARNING: You should open your backpacks and stand at depo sqm before you start. It stuck if you are out of money to payments (never happends with good configuration wink.png )

If some buyer is interested i can send and help with configuration global count HUD - it shows profit from many servers (facc/pacc included). Profit is saved in database so it dont reset every game like in basic script. You can reset this by yourself if need

My record is 750 Tibia Coins in one day. I got 1,5kk on Server where Tibia Coins prices is 2k / each. Remember you can get banned because there is many reports when you dicing in most popular servers like Antica, Morta, Beneva etc.. Anyway I always takes my money back (for premium) + about same amount profit. You can be more safely when you off options like: Spammer and Item Use (party hat or musical instrumens). My last character dicing from 17 days in Yalahar and got already 7kk profit without ban. There was situation i got banned in FEW HOURS from start Dicing. If you want be more safety its recommended to get out of Dawnport/Rookgard by yourself (without botting).

Put "CasinoHUD.lua" file into -> "WindBot\hudscripts" path.

My PC (i5, 4GB RAM) easy handle 20 clients with this casino script. I didnt tested how many clients i can open with it but much more i guess. If you want to put your dicers in Thais and Yalahar on many servers you should open Tibia by Wind Client Addons -> Fremate Control ON.

Name : Casino Gambling Script Vocation : Any Recommended level : Any Profit per DAY : 300k - 3kk (depends on server population) Start : Yalahar or Thais DEPOT SQM High and Low Game Advanced Configuration Odd/Even Game (135/246) Smart Depositer/Transfer Money Numbers Game Auto-putting Items on Depot 3 Nice Modes included Using Items (like party hat or other) Auto Spammer Special HUD Casino Counting Auto Withdraw Money after deposit/transfer Simple Anty-Iddle System Safe Cleaner System (counter and your depot) Auto Transfer/Deposit when no Cap Responder for Default and Private Messages "info" command included (using F7 Key - look for Hotkeys Setup below) Action if your spot after transfer/deposit is taken (take other / wait / wait then take other) And more not listed here

Items: Quests:

  • Money for Payouts
  • -
  • Opened Backpacks
  • -
  • Item to use (if setted)
  • -
  • Items to put at depo in your main backpack (if setted)
  • -

Its important to set hotkeys exactly equal to this table! Dont forget to set them as SEND AUTOMATICALLY

Spell F1 <1> F2 <2> F3 <3> F4 <4> F5 <5> F6 <6> F7 Numbers,Odd Even and H/L Games!! 180%/500% payouts! Min bet: 5k (its example, put anything you want here)

Check this 2 videos too (can add only 1 per post):


Really fast Cleaner (forgot to add this in Gaming Video :P):

Notice if you dont using items like party hat there are almost instant responds/payouts

Last edited by pedegie; 01-27-2016 at 06:20 AM.



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