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Work in progress guys! I've not stopped developing this.

Hello guys.

It's been a while since I'm reading this forums, and I've finally decided to create my own profile and share something with You too :)
I'm talking about medivia OTS, they've changed their client to "unhackable" one (sure sure), and looks like all bots that receive and send packets are dead for now, and I haven't seen any botter arround for a while. Let's fix this!

Basicaly this bot is in elfbot. What it does is emulating mouse movement, and it sometimes hacks memory (method like in cheat engine pointers) to provide You some basic lighthack.

1. Requirements
read.me file

2. Installation
Just extract the archive in any folder anywhere.

3. Running
Run elfbot.exe from main directory

4. Notes
must have netframe update

5. Features
Spear Training:works
Rune-Maker: works
Botter Killer alert: works
Gathering information about common bot killers:works takes screen when you die
cavebot: works


0.5 update v2 cavebot and slime-trainer now works 100%

0.4 Update 1 - Added runemaker, and runemaker config. lighthax working

0.3 Initial release - Working spear training, 50/50 working lighthax

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